Llano Subdivision - AMENITIES

The facilities and amenities of a property certainly contribute to how the homeowners will appreciate and maximize their usage to be able to achieve balance in their lives. As homeowners work five days a week, so do they need some form of relaxation to balance out everything. 

This subdivision is a fully fenced gated community, with an exquisite and imposing entrance gate. It has 24 x7 security monitoring so you know you are well- secured and safe. You and love ones are protected all the time when you are in this neighborhood. 

The houses here have complete facilities in terms of electrical, water, drainage and sewerage systems. 

This neighborhood also has parks and playground around for both the young and adults. You can just relax and lounge around these while you watch over your kids play. Or perhaps spend an afternoon here just doing nothing and enjoying the views. 

This private, secured community is a haven for families – you can do catch-ups and bond with your friends, relatives and neighbors in the comforts of your own home. 

If you need to go outside, say travel to the local and international airports – there are available shorter routes so you can get to the airport in time.  Public transport terminals are available, too, so you need worry about commuting to nearby cities and provinces in the North.

  • Gated Community
  • Parks and playground
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