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Mabuhayan Realty : Llano Subdivision For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Pia ₱ 0 Lot Area: 80 sqm / Floor Area: 55 sqm
Maxine ₱ 0 Lot Area: 80 sqm / Floor Area: 57 sqm
Nadine ₱ 0 Lot Area: 80 sqm / Floor Area: 73 sqm
Liza ₱ 0 Lot Area: 80 sqm / Floor Area: 77 sqm
Bungalow ₱ 0 Lot Area: 80 sqm / Floor Area: 45 sqm
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Bank Financing
Reservation: Php 30,000
Interest : 7.50%-9.75% depending on payment terms
Downpayment: 20% Downpayment payable up to 18 months
Balance: 80% for up to 25 years

LLANO SUBDIVISION is clearly one of the best-quality and most affordable horizontal developments in this part of Metro Manila. North Caloocan is an ideal place, too, as more and more businesses are coming in plus the boom in real estate and other industries. 

Families will have a great time since they’re surrounded with comforts at their ease. Everything is just accessible. There’s time for relaxation and leisure. Supermarkets, malls, hospitals, churches, schools and places of interest to explore. 

Life is worth spending with people who matter most to you, your family. You work hard to achieve all the dreams and goals you set for them. You focus all your efforts in bringing  

Whether you’re a young professional or entrepreneur that’s slowly building up a name for yourself or you are a newly-married couple wanting to build your own family – choosing a home here is one of the best and biggest decisions you can make in your lifetime.  It is a wise and judicious investment that will surely be a lasting legacy to your children or children’s children. Surely, this piece of investment will appreciate over the years. You can be sure that your hard-earned earnings or savings will be put to good use when you decide to live in LLANO SUBDIVISION. 

Quality need not be costly.  You can live comfortably in your own perfect home as you embrace all the love and care of your love ones. You can have the best memories you can build and cherish while living out the moments that you value most in life. Moments like simple joys of sharing meals at home, walking  together around the community or maybe  watching  your kids play or study. Simple, everyday  joys that certainly make life worth living for.

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